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One of the things that we really love about International National Women's Day is all the stories, ideas, and knowledge that comes out of the woodwork and into the news cycle. Seeing mentions of inspiring women doing things like starting their own businesses, running for office, and raising the next generation of amazing humans just makes us happy! And we don't think we're alone. 

One to make sure there is plenty of fabulous women in the headlines is to help them suceed - and while there are many ways to do that, one easy one is to patronize businesses owned by woman. And from Etsy storefronts to major brands and everything in between, there are plenty of choices. Here are a few of our favorites...

Our Favorite Female-Owned Brands

2017 01 21 UniversalStandard IMG 06 0180 ForWebsite 1024x1024

Universal Standard. Because size shouldn't matter when it comes to high quality, well-made, aesthetically pleasing, minimalist clothes. With a size range that runs from 10-28 (American), these pieces don't compromise on style front either, like this runway-inspired tee. 


Hathor Ear A2  08708 stdWendy Brandes. Because all jewelry is better when it has personality. Especially fine jewelry. And so much of the Wendy Brandes line was inspired by notable women, queens, and other "nasty women" who rule the world and get things done. We especially like the Hathor swivel earrings that feature both turquoise and carnelian options for the center stone. 


Mercedes Salazar: This Colombian designer's jewelry is like a party for your ears! Or neck or wrists, as the case may be. Full of bright colors, bold shapes, and hot trends, this designer is one to watch.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 3.11.27 PMRallier - For every one of their elegant, structured, masculine-yet-minimal pieces sold, Rallier donates a school uniform to a girl in need. Talk about redefining your daily uniform! We particularly heart this off-the-shoulder style - which might be fabulous with an oxford button-down or a sleek turtleneck underneath. 

Finally, beauty and cosmetics brands have long been launched and run by women. For example, Estée Lauder, Bobbie Brown, Mary Kay, and Elizabeth Arden are just a few names that you've probably seen at makeup counters - or on your vanity! After all, women know what really works for other women - and what we really want - on the hair and makeup front, so this industry has long been a realm where entrepreneurial women shine.

Buy From Women, Support Your Sisters

But it's not all about fashion and beauty! There are hundreds of fast-growing women-owned businesses around the world, and more are popping up every day. Girls really do run the world. 

Women's Day comes but once a year, but what if you'd like to celebrate smart, capable, inspiring women all year long? Patronize businesses owned and and run by women of course! 



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