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17936-shoppable-politicsYou don't have to agree with your friends or family's politics, (we're talking to you dad!) to shop for them! You can even go bipartisan when it comes to political gift giving. Here are some great ideas when it comes to buying things for the political junkie in your life. Come November some these could be celebration, or maybe "better luck next time", gifts depending on who wins. (Psst: there is even something for the lingering Bernie fan)

1. Declaration of Independence Tie

17897 declaration tie










Let freedom ring with this important piece of neckwear.

Get it here.

 2. Donald Trump Father's Day Card

17897 trump fathers day card










Make Father's Day great again with this epic card.

Get it here.

3. Marc Jacobs Hillary Clinton T-Shirt

17897 MarcJacobs-Female Hillary shirt










Be fashionable and strong in your political beliefs with this special edition Marc Jacobs tee.

Get it here.

4. Bernie Sanders Brass Copper Earrings

17897 Bernie sanders earrings










Be all ears for the Senator from Vermont with these eclectic earrings.

Get them here.

5. Make America Great Again Tote

17897 donald tote bag










Sport the often-quoted campaign phrase while running errands or on your way to work.

Get it here.

6. Political Suicide The Card Game

17897 political suicide cardgame 









You and your friends can pretend to be politicians by trying to cover up your scandals while at the same time exposing your opponent's. It's sure to make for an exciting Friday night!

Get it here.

7. A Woman's Place Throw Pillow

17897 Womens place whitehouse










This pillow is the perfect touch for any home, whether it's 1600 Pennsylvania Ave or a more simple abode.

Get it here.

 8. Tastes Like Freedom Pint Glasses

17897 tastes like freedom










Drink to freedom and American values with these pint glasses from the GOP.

Get them here.

9. Epic Presidential Art

17897 ronald reagan poster

17897 dubya poster









Combine your favorite President with machine guns, velociraptors, sharks and more, and you get one of these crazy prints.

Get them here

10.  Famous Supreme Court Cases Mug

17897 supremecourt cases winners mug










With 30 famous Supreme Court cases adorning the mug, as soon as you add hot liquid the losers of each case magically disappear. 

Get it here.

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