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For moms and dads who have lost a baby to miscarriage, a second pregnancy can be a tough reminder of that deep loss. The idea of looking at this new baby as a rainbow has emerged as parents grasp onto the hope that comes after the emotional storm of loss.

It you have a friend who is having her, or his, own rainbow baby, here are a few gifts that help them celebrate the bundle of joy to come. The rainbow signs pictured above, by the way, are for sale from Easy:ChalkboardPrintables.

17934-rainbow-baby-bodysuitRainbow Baby Bodysuit  (CafePress)

This is as cute as a button and a very subtle way to give a nod to the fact that the new little one is a rainbow baby.


"Here I Am" Rainbow Bodysuit (Etsy)

This onesie uses the colors of the rainbow to share a bit more of the story. 


"Handpicked For Earth" Baby Bodysuit (Etsy)

If you know the gender of the child lost you can select this onsie that is more personal. 


Rainbow Baby Hat (Etsy)

Every baby needs a hat, and this hand-knitted cap will make the perfect accessory for a rainbow baby. 


Rainbow Baby Headband (Etsy)

This chiffon floral headband is, as you can see, picture perfect for any little rainbow darling! 


Rainbow Blanket and Cloud Pillow (Etsy)

These are actually sold as photo props for those newborn photography sessions, but are also the perfect gift for a new mom.


 Rainbow Wrap and Cloud Pillow (Etsy)

Here's another blanket that obviously works for photo sessions. The hand-crocheted blanket is perfect to keep the new baby nice and warm.

And don't forget the mom-to-be...


"Looking At A Rainbow" Maternity Shirt (CafePress)

It was this shirt that caught the eye of another rainbow mom at a local store and she was compelled to share her experience with the wearer. We have the story here: Secret Code Of Rainbows For Moms. This maternity shirt is a great way for moms of miscarriages or stillbirths to share their stories without having to say a word. 


 Rainbow Baby Maternity Sash (Esty)

This sash (there is also headband) is perfect for mommy-to-be to wear and can also be used in newborn baby pictures later on.

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