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shopping_for_husbandHow to buy clothes for your man!

If you're like the vast majority of women, your husband hates shopping for clothes as much as you hate it when he forgets to put the toilet seat down. If this is the case in your marriage, you're not alone. Your hubby's failure to get excited over clearance sales doesn't give him an excuse to dress shabbily, however. Since your one true love isn't going to bother improving his wardrobe on his own, it's time for you to step in and go shopping for husband dearest.

Shopping for Men

Perhaps the most important thing to realize when shopping for men is that you really shouldn't go out and buy just what you want them to wear. If your husband doesn’t like the clothes you pick out for him, he isn't going to wear them; it's as simple as that. A much better alternative is to buy clothes that he will love or at least like well enough to put into his regular outfit rotation. While you may not be able to get your guy to go shopping with you, you can look to him for some guidance on what he wants to wear.

Add His Personality to His Style

Ultimately, how to dress a manis to help him create his own sense of style—his signature "look." While your guy may never be a metro sexual or "fashion-he-sta," he probably wants to look cool, tough, natural, sporty, or hip. Talk to him about the image he wants to present to the world. One way to determine what kind of look he favors is to ask him about his idols. Is he a punk rock junkie? Does he revel in a good spy movie? Does he play fantasy football or follow all the latest tech trends? By looking at the men he admires, you can help him create a similar image, whether that means distressed vintage tees or a tailored dress shirt.

Pay Attention to His Preferences

Once you get a feel for who your man really wants to be, do a little research and find some things online for him to look at. Watching him sort through different images will help you figure out his preferences for color, fit, and style. By now, your husband just might be getting into his makeover enough to actually want to shop with you. If not, don't sweat it. Hit the stores yourself and buy a few things for him to try. Then, encourage him to give you a personal fashion show at home. Be sure to reinforce his new image by being supportive and boosting his confidence. Let him know how sexy you think he looks!

Guy Fashion Shopping Tips

Once you're ready to start shopping for a man, these tips will help you find the perfect items and a price that won't make him think twice about enjoying his new clothes.

  • The best times to get great deals on men's suits is in January and July. This is when stores are getting ready for spring and fall collections, respectively, and will cut prices dramatically on stock that needs to be cleared out. For dress shirts, ties and other accessories, Father's Day is a good time to buy.
  • Fit is almost more important for men's clothes than it is for women's. Because male clothing is usually very structured, poor fit can really ruin an outfit. Help your man find a good tailor and invest in clothes that are custom fit. It's cheaper than you might think.
  •  Don't forget accessories! The right accessories can turn a boring outfit into something unique and stylish. Shoes, jewelry, hats and socks are all great places for your man to show his personal sense of style.
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