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Cut-Offs To '90s Retro: The Trendy Shorts Of Summer


Short shorts, bermuda shorts, printed shorts, cut-off shorts, all mean one thing...summer is getting close, and it's time to get your shorts ready for the summer! Spring ahead by getting these into your wardrobe now, so you won't be behind the curve. Here are three shorts trends for summer 2014.

Summer Shorts!

  • Bermuda Shorts: As seen on the runway at New York Fashion Week 2014, the bermuda short is making its way back as a summer trend. So, find your favorite bermudas from a few summers ago or get you a new pair in a cool color like mustard to wear with your fun printed tops and plain tanks.
  • Back to the 90s: Like Calvin Klein previewed at Fashion Week, shorts have taken a trip back to the 90s. The chilled, stone-washed, ripped, and boyish baggy shorts with a bit of femininity are back for another shot for trendiest shorts of the season
  • DIY Cut-Off Shorts: Somehow DIY cut-off shorts never seem to get old. Get scissors and a pair of old jeans and cut away (preferably at a longer length). Roll them up, leave the ends frayed, or sand them down for a distressed. You could even glue a few details to them such as beads or rhinestones!

Whether you’re into bermudas or would rather stick to your classic denim shorts you’ve had for years, get ready to break them out because it's time to kick winter out the door!

Dana Weems
Dana Weems

I’m Dana Weems, a woman who sees beauty in all things. I also have a passion that runs deep and a smile that never leaves. Some of my passions include fashion, cooking, writing and being a news-junkie. On any given day, I can be found painting my nails while tuned into CNN, typing away (with one hand) at my computer and baking some treats.

Apart from that idiosyncrasy, I’ve earned a Master of Arts from Columbia College Chicago’s Graduate School of Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting from Grand Valley State University.

I’ve written for Gloss Magazine Online, Chicago Talks, Columbia’s Res Life Newsletter, and a fashion website. I’ve managed two personal blogs, blogged for Columbia's magazine show, and have worked for ABC7 Chicago and WGVU.

I appreciate the art of writing. Being able to tell a story, evoke emotion and express thought through words is an awesome art.

I’m elated to be part of Womensforum and to share this art with you.

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