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should-i-leave-him-quizRelationships Are Challenging and at Times, we Need to Evaluate.

Oftentimes, we ask ourselves "Should I leave Him?" Typically, there is enough "good" in the relationship that women tend to stay with it. Yet, there are times when we really need to check ourselves and determine whether we can take the bad with the good in our relationships. Sometimes, the bad is bad enough that we need to run away, even if the good is good!

The key is letting your partner know your feelings and setting boundaries early on. This is a good test to see if you should leave your partner. Women tend to think their needs are not as important as their partner's. And so we "martyr" ourselves until we just can't stand it anymore and before we realize it, we have sadly lost our identities. Why is this? Perhaps it is the way we were raised. Perhaps it is our personalities. Or perhaps our partner's personality seems to have an unexplained "hold" on us.

Here is a simple quiz to "check" yourself and either confirm whether or not you should leave him.

Should I Leave Him? 

1. When your family or friends come visit you, your partner: 

  1. Leaves and returns when they have left. 
  2. Stays but is mesmerized with the television set and says very little. 
  3. Is very friendly and a great host, helping your company to feel welcome. 
  4. Starts arguments with your visitors and embarrasses you with his bad manners. 

2. When you quarry your partner, whether or not they are upset, they: 

  1. Withdraw and declare that nothing is wrong, though you suspect there is. 
  2. Tells you to leave him or her alone in a belligerent tone. 
  3. Is happy that you asked but is fine (really). 
  4. Blames you immediately for the bad mood that you perceived rightly. 

3. Your sex life is: 

  1. Unfulfilled 
  2. All right but not what it could be. 
  3. Haven't had sex since I can't even remember. 
  4. Awesome and better as we continue. 

4. When you need money in a financial emergency, your partner helps you out and refrains from reminding or pressuring you to pay it back. 

  1. True 
  2. False 

5. You typically say "I love you" before they do. 

  1. True 
  2. False 

<h3">When you argue, your partner: 

  1. Threatens you that they will break up with you. 
  2. Skirts the issue and refuses to talk even after the both of you have cooled off. 
  3. Sometimes can understand your point. 
  4. Never admits fault even though willing to talk. 

7. When you discuss the future with your partner, they: 

  1. Change the subject quickly 
  2. Doesn't tend to make plans but does discuss the future. 
  3. Becomes angry and tells you they feel pressured. 
  4. Willingly and enthusiastically discusses the future and sets time-worthy goals for achieving your collective dreams. 

Ladies, I think in our heart of hearts, we know what the right answers are. The key is to honestly take a look at the above questions and weigh the pros and cons. Believe enough in yourself to leave if you are unfulfilled. If your partner truly loves you they will make efforts to change and try to win you back. If your lover passes this test then celebrate it and be happy! 

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