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shoulder-exercises-videoWhen it's 90 degrees outside, you probably don't want to wear sleeves. Hotter weather means less clothes, and may lead some women to feel self-conscious about their arms and shoulders. If you are hesitant about showing your shoulders and arms off, there are certain shoulder exercises and arm exercises that can help tone and shape your shoulders. Andrea Metcalf has a few techniques for doing shoulder exercises and shoulder workouts right in your living room.

Getting the Best Workout

Exercises for shoulders work the deltoids and triceps. The deltoids are the shoulder muscles themselves, and the triceps are the muscles on the back side of the upper arm. Andrea is using dumbbells, although you could also use weighted bottles or other types of hand weights. You can find hand weights at your local department or sports store. Find a weight that is comfortable for you.

Shoulder Exercise #1

The first move is what I like to call 'the eagle'. Place hand weight in each hand. Tuck your shoulders back and suck in your stomach. With both arms out to the sides at shoulder height, move them up and down slowly. Lower them only halfway and bring them back up to shoulder height, pinching in your shoulder blades as you move. Do about 12-15 repetitions for each set, taking a short break between sets. You will definitely feel this motion in your shoulders, as well as your arms. My suggestion is to do two or three sets per workout.

Shoulder Exercise #2

The second move isolates the triceps. Bend over slightly, stretching your arms out behind you. Your arms should be level with your shoulders, with your elbow bent. Slowly lift the weights up so that they will be in line with your shoulders, and lower them back down. Again, do about 12-15 repetitions for each set, with a short break in between sets. Again, two to three sets per workout is a good place to start.

Once again, Andrea has given us some good shoulder exercise tips to look our best with only a few simple moves. These exercises are pretty easy to do, but are quite effective! To quote Andrea, “Be healthy, and be moved!”

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