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sibling-fights-birth-orderLetting Your Kids Work Out Sibling Battles

By letting your kids work out sibling battles, you are actually letting them learn important life lessons. At the time the battling is taking place, this may not seem like it is true, especially while you are doing everything you can to remain cool. Sibling fights and birth order have a lot to do with how our children interact with each other.

Keeping the Peace During Sibling Fights

Sibling fights and birth order have a huge impact on how a family functions as well as how the siblings will interact. Sibling fights are normal and will happen at all ages. When the children are younger, quarrels may be over a certain toy or parental attention. As kids grow older, arguments will evolve to more legitimate concerns like taking things without asking or whether or invasion of personal space.

Signs of Siblings Fighting

Serious sibling fightingcan include but does not have to be limited to the following behaviors: any type of physical harm or serious injury, bullying, cursing, harming self or property and continuous aggrivation that doesn't stop after parental intercession. Although many of us have had some fistfights with our siblings, they shouldn't happen with our children on a daily basis.

Sibling Fights Can Cause Harm

Sibling birth order can affect how children react to fights since birth order seems to have some role in personality. The oldest children are known to be more responsible and mature. They are usually the ones who are watching over the younger siblings. Middle children usually have the issue of not getting parental attention. Middle children, especially if they are the second child, can be risk takers and quite rebellious. The youngest tend to be more easygoing and carefree. If they are the babies of the family, they tend to be a bit more spoiled and can rebel if being disciplined by the older children. The younger ones can also be a bit more academically competitive, possibly due to watching the others and the grades they received. Recent studies are showing competitive streaks in younger children more so now than in earlier years.

Understand Birth Order

Understanding birth order effects on sibling fights can help you, as a parent, deal with arguments the right way. Appeal to the oldest child's sense of duty and responsibility. Spend some extra time talking with a middle child about his feelings and needs. Remind the youngest child to respect her older siblings and try not to give in to her complaints unfairly. By using the strengths of your children and understanding their weaknesses, you can become an efficiant and effective mediator when sibling fights arrise.

Not all of our children's behavior will be based on birth order. Some behaviors such as bullying a sibling can't be tolerated, no matter what the age. But understand that normal sibling fights actually teach children how to deal with problems and express themselves. Take a deep breath and realize that your children aren't the only ones that fight, and that they are learning important life lessens.

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