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Signs of Puberty in Boys Are Hard to Miss

The signs of puberty in boys are similar to those that girls tend to go through and although this rite of passage into adulthood isn't celebrated in the same instance as for females; it's a time of immense change for boys as they grow into young men. The first sign that a little boy is no longer a "little boy" usually has to do with lots of body hair that suddenly sprouts from nowhere. There is hair appearing on the face, armpits, legs, arms and of course the pubic area. Surprisingly although everywhere gets thicker and hairier, the chest may remain hairless until the late teens.

Other common signs of puberty in boys include voice changes with the voice initially breaking in late childhood and then deepening at puberty. A boy's hips narrow and his shoulders broaden, as well as a growth spurt in the testicles and penis takes place at this time. Each boy is unique and develops at his own pace and at his own time.

Getting back to the attitudes, moods and behaviors of boys going through puberty, this is generally a time of great uncertainty as not only does a young man have to contend with his body that is rapidly changing but those creatures that he once thought were so weird and disgusting; girls- are now the number one thing on his mind! His hormones are racing with emotional and sexual urges that he just didn't have before. Although boys won't let mum know, they are thinking about sex almost all of the time by the time they hit puberty and the only tell tale sign that greets mom in the morning are the strange wet dream indicators on his sheets. The other common sign that puberty has hit, is that suddenly the twelve or thirteen year old male in the house starts washing his own sheets and has also discovered the shower spending lots of time in the bathroom!

Testosterone which is the male hormone testerone that runs rampant at this stage also leads to an increased energy level as well as a good dose of boisterousness. It is likely that there will be an increase in wrestling or fighting with siblings and this also marks the time to tackle dad in a battle of supreme strength through the constant pushing of boundaries. And of course pubescent boys have a habit of becoming bottomless pits as parents complain that they are eating them out of house and home!

Still further signs of puberty in boys include the obvious ones like signs plastered across doors stating "Stay Out" or infamous girly pictures on the walls that are not being admired for their brains! This is the cocoon stage of puberty and both boys and girls tend to hibernate in their bedrooms, which often mean shutting you out while they develop closer bonds with their friends. This does hurt, but try not to take it personally, as the young person will still confide in you when they need your help so long as you keep the communication channels open.

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