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It’s hard enough for a picky eater to enjoy a meal at home. So when they get to school, it’s important for them to have a meal that won’t inspire them to throw a temper tantrum. 

Picky eaters are the worst. They don't like this, they don't like that, they don't like anything! It might sound like a difficult task to pack a good lunch, but since you know what your child likes, you have the basics down pact. Check out a few recipes your little picky eater is sure to love.

What to Pack a Picky Eater for Lunch

    • DIY Lunchables: Simply pack cheese, crackers and your child’s favorite cold cuts (turkey, salami, ham, etc). Add in fruit pieces and of course a small dessert.
    • Breakfast for lunch: Who doesn’t love this idea? From waffles, pancakes and french toast to bacon and dry cereal, your child will not only love their brunch but also a well-balanced meal.
    • Vegetable soup: Boil 4 cups of low-sodium chicken broth in a sauce pan. Add your child’s favorite veggies (or yours if they don’t have a preference yet), along with 1/2  teaspoon of salt and 1/4 teaspoon of pepper. Let it all simmer until the vegetables are tender. It should take 8 to 10 minutes. Stir and enjoy!
    • Mini burgers and fries: Simply cook small burgers for your little one and place in small buns. You can even place cheese in the middle if they prefer! A few fries on the side won’t hurt either.
    • Orange cranberry muffins: These are a fun lunchbox idea for a picky eater. They’re yummy and packed with healthy cranberries to make your child’s lunchtime complete.
    • Cold pizza: Even picky eaters can enjoy a good pizza. Add a yogurt and drink on the side. If they don’t like cold pizza, find a container that can keep the pizza nice and warm.
    • Another cold food that could be a winner for the young picky eater is cold chicken nuggets. They’re fast, easy and will make your child happy and full. Again, if they don’t like cold chicken nuggets, try putting them in a thermos to keep them warm. It works! 

    Packing lunch for a fussy eater doesn’t always have to be an annoying task. Consider it a challenge between you and your child to find them something to eat that they love and is still giving them their nutrients!

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