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7830 firstgraders lunch

Your child's preferred lunchbox goes through many transitions. In the beginning of a child’s academic career, they might have a Hatchimals lunch box with a turkey on white sandwich in tow. But by high school, a teen might have upgraded their lunch with leftovers or even a fancy salad. No matter what age, make back-to-lunch lunches exciting with these delicious and fun lunch ideas: 

First-Timer First Grader

7830 lunch header

Finally, your little one’s going to school, and he’s been ready for all the perks of starting his long journey of education with perks like riding the yellow school bus and taking a lunchbox to school. If you’re looking for fun first-grader lunch ideas, make his peanut butter and jelly sandwich into superheroes using superhero sandwich cutters. Don’t forget to pack fruit snacks, mozzarella string cheese, a sliced apple, apple juice, and maybe even a handwritten loving message on a napkin, xoxo, Mom. 

Bored Middle Schooler

The sixth grader knows her way around the cafeteria and packing a lunch is no longer a luxury, it’s just another part of her day. Since the turkey and cheese sandwiches have started to taste like cardboard, and the thought of eating a whole piece of fruit is as boring as algebra, then revamp your lunch box recipes. Upgrade lunches with:

  • Grilled pizza panini using Italian rolls or French bread
  • Vanilla almond butter with banana on whole wheat
  • Peach and brie quesadilla
  • Salami, cream cheese and arugula sliders 

Glamorize the side of fruit by skewing various pieces of fruit into kebobs. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and your middle schooler will see lunch as a gourmet treat. 

7830 middleschooler

Too-Cool Freshman

By high school, the lunch hour is more like happy hour. Food to eat for lunch should be simple, yet good, since lunch for this freshman is more about socializing anyway. The freshman has certainly ditched the superhero lunch box for the standard brown bags or Tupperware containers. Tasty, easy lunch ideas include tuna-stuffed pitas with romaine lettuce and provolone or a roast beef with horseradish wrap. Throw in homemade trail mix with granola, dried fruit and almonds as a side snack.

Sophisticated Senior

7830 highschooler

Your high school teenager may want to give her lunch some extra love and attention, aesthetically and healthily. For a gourmet, healthy lunch idea, inspire her to pack a mason jar salad. An arugula, blueberry and bacon salad with almonds has that seasonal autumn taste. Pack a balsamic vinaigrette on the side. Another fine fall salad recipe is spinach with sliced apple, pecans, and chopped cheddar with a red wine vinaigrette. What else can you make for a mason jar lunch? Layer the jar with bow tie Greek pasta salad, feta cheese and olives. Pour in fresh green juice made with organic kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, green apple, ginger, and broccoli. 

Whether your kid can’t wait to bite into his Batman-shaped turkey sammie or your teen’s excited about her mason jar concoctions, back-to-school lunches never have to be a bore. 

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