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If you have a kid who just battles you about taking their lunch, what about creative lunch ideas that will make your kid burst into laughter or joy when opening? This is a great way to spark their interest about foods they may never eat by themselves in a simple Tupperware container. We've got some creative outlets to make taking their lunch to school more fun again.

The Sandwich Face

If you’re constantly trying to squeeze or add vegetables to your child’s lunch without them noticing, try making the sandwich into some sort of “monster face,” for example.

Sandwich Face Idea

  • Cut sandwich in half.
  • Leave a slice of the deli meat hanging out in the middle of the sliced sandwich (to resemble a tongue).
  • Use carrots to make eyebrows and green grapes (sliced in half) to make the eyes.
  • Try tiny slices of cucumber or celery to resemble teeth.

Laughing Letters

Spelling out a message in their lunch using food letters is a way to make their lunches more memorable. This doesn’t have to be a whole sentence or anything too challenging for them, but simple words that always make kids laugh. A great ingredient to do this with is cheese.

Some words to make kids laugh:

  • Toot
  • Cattywampus
  • Rumpus
  • Wonky
  • Create your own funny sounding word (don't worry, they probably won't look it up in the dictionary).

Funny Face Photos

If your kid loves to make funny faces, this would be a fun tradition to start. Everyone is all about taking selfies these days, so what about taking a series of photos of just you making funny faces? Print out small thumbnails of them and include them on top of their sandwich. Without telling them, try to take photos of them doing the same thing and surprise them with a note on the back of the photo saying how much they make you laugh when they make this face at you. It's bound to make them laugh too.

There are many apps you can download to skew your face into looking funny. Many are free too, so why not unlock the fun!

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