simple-hair-curling-tips-videoAfter reading this, we promise curling your hair will get a lot easier!

Sometimes, it seems nearly impossible to obtain curls like you see in magazines. Tony Odisho has been styling hair for over 20 years and knows a thing or two about curling. If you're wondering how to curl your hair, he shares a few simple hair curling tips to get bouncy beachy curls. Here are simple tips to curling hair.

Curl Your Hair Like a Pro!

  1. First, you want to use a curling iron that’s about half an inch.
  2. Separate your hair in half, dividing it into two sections by parting your hair down the middle.
  3. Place each half in a ponytail.
  4. To protect the hair from heat, you can spray a heat protector or Odisho’s spray mist on each section of the hair.
  5. To curl, take small sections of the ponytail and wrap the hair around your curling iron or curling wand. Odisho recommends holding the hair around the iron for 10 seconds.
  6. Continue to take small sections of your hair and wrap it around the iron until each ponytail is curled.
  7. Remove the ponytail holders, shape and fluff out into your desired style.

There you have it. It's easy to get beachy wave curls. Now people will be asking, "How do you do it!?"

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