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simple-stretching-for-energy-video-finalExperience that slump in the day? Andrea Metcalf shows us what works for her when her energy is fading. Check it out!

We all have that slump in the day where we suddenly feel like a nap is in order. For some it is right after lunch. For others, it is around mid-afternoon. The sad thing is we are not toddlers anymore with our "mommies" to lie us down for a nap. The reality is that we are adults with responsibilities, whether it be child-rearing, spending time on our feet for our jobs, or traveling by air for different projects. In this video, Andrea Metcalf shows us simple energy stretches that work for her when energy is fading. And girls, these exercises are really quite simple, taking very little time. Here they are some stretches to relieve stress.

Easy Stretches for Energy

  1. First of all, Metcalf encourages us to visualize a place with beautiful scenery that is far away from concerns. You know the place. For me, it is sitting on my brother's boat on the Missouri River and watching the sun dance off the waves while we fish.

  2. Sit up as tall as you can stretch your spine, head forward. Roll your shoulders backward and forward with chest out.

  3. Gently grasp the opposite top of your head and apply light pressure, stretching head toward opposite shoulder while keeping shoulder down. Repeat on other side.

  4. Extend arm in front of you turning hand upside down. Place other hand on downward hand and gently nudge fingers toward your body. Repeat with other hand/arm.

Performing these exercises for energy can relieve tension headaches and give you that energy boost to get you through your day. Take care of yourself!

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