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Home Valentine's Day Single Girl’s Guide to V-Day

Single Girl’s Guide to V-Day

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single-girls-guide-to-v-daySingle girls, share love on Valentine’s Day.

If you haven't yet found your Prince Charming, you have nothing to worry about! Our single girl's guide to V-Day will give you tips on how to spend this V-Day in a special way with special people you love. Choose to have fun on this V-Day with this guide to Valentine's Day for the single girl.

Valentine’s Day for the Single Girl

Chill with Your Girl-frans!

Gather a few of your single girlfriends and spend the night doing fun things like watching movies, drinking wine, playing games, cooking and sharing recipes. You all can cook dinner, eat tasty deserts in wine glasses and make V-Day a girls night-inMake it extra sweet by having everyone bring in or make different desserts. Get comfy by putting on the PJs and having a full-on sleepover!

V-Day Romance

If you’re a single girl who is looking for love this Valentine’s Day, invite some bachelors and bachelorettes over for a fun night to hang with friends and get to know some new acquaintances. Who knows what or where the party will lead to - a casual night in, bar hopping with the group, perhaps even a chance for second date with someone who caught your eye. 

Spend It With Family

If you have parents that aren’t into going out or don’t have plans, this would be a great time to honor their love which has created you. Cook for your parents, and even have your siblings join in on the fun. If they are married or dating, they can still help before they spend the evening with their sweetie so you all can show your parents some love. Being around family on Valentine's Day is warming and makes you feel included even as a single girl. Nothing can compare to a mother or father's love for their child and vice versa!

Treat Yourself

There’s nothing like treating yourself to a nice dinner, movie and nightcap. Go out or stay in, it’s your choice! We all need some self-love and pampering and V-Day is a perfect excuse to do just that. Hit up the spa for a day or hang out at home with your favorite actors and actresses - it's all worth it!

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