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Tips for Busy Single Moms Single mothers are very common in today’s world. It is important that we all support each other. If you find yourself ...
Dating after Divorce VIDEO We have some great dating tips for single parents! Dating is hard, and dating as a single parent can be even harder. ...
Single Mom Support Groups Here are single mom support groups. Any kind of parenthood is challenging (exhausting even) because parents have a ...
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Single Moms

Tips for Busy Single Moms

tips-for-busy-single-momsSingle mothers are very common in today’s world. It is important that we all support each other. 

If you find yourself needing some advice or support, we have some tips to help you refuel and reenergize. Today, many mothers find themselves in a single parent situation, often having to share their child with the other parent. This can be a very difficult situation for mothers; they are the primary caregivers and have to act as both the mother and father.


Dating after Divorce VIDEO

dating-after-divorce-videoWe have some great dating tips for single parents!

Dating is hard, and dating as a single parent can be even harder. It can be really tough to introduce a significant other into your family dynamic.

According to Dr. Wendy Walsh, author and dating and relationship expert, there are a few things we can do to make our dating lives easier on our children.


Single Mom Support Groups

single-mom-support-groups-headerHere are single mom support groups.

Any kind of parenthood is challenging (exhausting even) because parents have a constant responsibility over their child’s or children’s lives. But being a single mom can be extremely challenging, as well as extremely lonely. In two-parent homes, there are two people who can share the endless tasks associated with raising a child, but there is not much help for single moms who must often take on all of these responsibilities themselves. To combat this stress and loneliness, more and more single moms are now reaching out to single mom support groups which offer support for single moms in the form of friendship, camaraderie, and opportunities to talk to other single mothers who understand.


The Newly Single Parent

the-newly-single-parent-headerGame Change for the New Single Parent!

As a new single parent, you are about to embark on a whole new way of life. Everything is changing now that you have the primary responsibility for your child. If you have more than one child, you are going to need a good game plan and a lot of help. Here are a few new single parent tips that may be advantageous.


Marital Status Discrimination against Moms

marital-status-discrimination-again-momsDivorced Moms at Work

Do you have the feeling that you may have been discriminated against because you were a divorced mom? You aren't alone. Marital status discrimination against moms is a common problem across the board. Many women have found themselves unable to find work because of their marital status. It seems like this kind of discrimination should be illegal, and in some cases it is. However, you may be surprised to learn that marital status discrimination is perfectly within the bounds of the law in some states.        


Blended Step Families

a_blended_familyWhat is a Blended Step Family?

A blended step family occurs when multiple families are united, usually through a remarriage of one or both of the parents. It is estimated that as many as 50% of first time marriages end in divorce each year. Being part of blended step family is now more part of the norm than ever before in history. Half of all children will be part of a blended stepfamily by the time they are 18 yrs. old. If you find yourself and your family in this situation, you know the challenges step families face.


Single Mom Role Models

a_single_momLooking for a Great Role Model as a Single Mother

No one can prepare you for the challenges of being a single mother. Everywhere women are complaining about the difficulty of raising kids and the demands of being a mother, but many of them have at least some help in the form of a husband or boyfriend. Some even have exes that actually take parenting seriously. At least being a single mother doesn't hold the stigma it once did thanks to the deluge of successful celebrity moms showing us all how we can manage our careers, and still have time for our bubs. If you are looking for a great role model as a single mother, you need only turn on the TV or flip through just about any woman's magazine.


Co-sleeping Single Parents

co-sleeping-single-parentsDesire for Closeness and Comfort Outweighs a Sense of Propriety for Some Parents

Should Single parents allow children to sleep with them?  It is the first question striking you while calming down your crying child who insists to share your bed. Most of us planned at some point to have a perfect family, but have we planned to be perfect


Early Head Start


Children's Day Care Doesn't Have to Cost You Your First Born!

The average cost for children's day care is around $611 a month and it can be much higher for infant care. This cost could easily account for half of a single parent's pay check. Good news though, luckily there are programs to assist single parents with this large expense. There are many different organizations you can rely on to find childcare help for single moms.


Single Mothers in Poverty


Living As A Single Custodial Parent

Societies are starting to structure the social system so that the weak are protected and given every opportunity that those with money and power have. Not many nations have reached that point because of an ethic that supports total self sufficiency and achievement.