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couples with families or singles with no kids. But with the influx of more and more single parents voicing an interest in participating in this type of entertainment, cruises for single parents around the world are beginning to listen and provide a well needed vacation option. As a result, there are more options today than ever before for single parents interested in cruising with their kids.

Single Parent Cruises: A Perfect Getaway

Have no fear cruise lovers, even if you are a single parent you can find a cruise for you. There are so many groups and options available now that you will definitely have no issue finding the one for you. First of all, many cruise lines have amenities and activities for kids. So if you just desire going on a cruise that is not specialized for single parents you can go on just about any cruise line you want. There are children's day camps, child care workers, older kid groups that all meet and go off with a staff member to do whatever the activity of the day is and then you can do whatever you want to during the day. And you can get that on just about any cruise line if that is your only concern.

If you want a cruise for single moms or dads you might have to do a bit more research but there is plenty of cruising for single parents too. In fact some cruise lines have them right on their schedule so you can find them. The same cruise lines that are known for their kids activities are also are the ones that have the single parent cruises. The ones that are the easiest to pick out are Royal Caribbean cruise lines, Carnival, Norwegian cruise lines and of course Disney. Disney is definitely specifically geared for children and a great option from their perspective. However, more and more cruise lines are adding these to their listings.

There are also a few different agencies that specialize in finding cruises for single parents. One of them is Cruisemates. Cruisemates covers just about every category including single parents. They list the single parent cruises on their calendar and you can go right on to their web site and find out the one you might want. It will give you the cruise line, the dates, the itinerary and other particulars that might be of interest to you. Another web site that is a great resource for single parent cruises is Single Parent travel. This web site has all types of travel ideas for a single parent vacation and among them are cruises that you can sign up for. Between these two sources you should have enough ideas to get you started.

Additionally, any cruise line can help you identify when or if they have single parent cruises. If you have a cruise line that you have enjoyed in the past and now want to go on a cruise with your kids you should contact them and find out what they have for you. Chances are there will be something that you can enjoy with them. Cruises are a great activity for you and your kids. There are many things you can do together and many things they will be able to do with cruise staff. You will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with other single parents and enjoy that camaraderie with others that can related to your life experiences. A single parent cruise is a great idea if you are looking for a good vacation away from it all.

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