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Single Parent Statistics Now Are the Majority

  • Children raised in a single family home have emotions, behavior problems and poor self esteem.
  • Many children from a single home are physiological healthy.  Any detected problems isn't results from being raised in a single family home its due to the money situation. Many single parents live in low income housing and some are on government assistance.  In order to raise a well adjusted child a single parent should demonstrate healthy self esteem and self reliance. They should stress what really matters isn't materialistic things.
  • Children growing up in a one parent home won't have a healthy relationship with the opposite sex.
  • Many children from single parent homes work harder to maintain a relationship than ones with nuclear homes. This probably explains the fact that 43% of children from single families are in a stable relationship.
  • It is better for children to live with step families than single families
  • Although the income may be higher and there are two parents in the household this solution is no better than being raised by a single parent. Step families have their own conflicts, causing additional hardship on the child.
  • It is better on the children for the parents to remarry.
  • Arguing can hurt the child emotionally and make them insecure sometimes it is better for a child to live in a single more stable home than one with constant turmoil.
  • Women are not equipped to handle raising boys alone.
  • Studies have shown that single moms raise well adjusted boys. In fact many renounced people were raised by single mothers. It is suggested that if you are raising a boy you should have role models available. They can be family, or friends. This will give them a healthier attitude about the opposite sex.

There are many myths about single parent families and adoption process as well. I will discuss a few.

  • Many believe adoption agencies use single family home because there is no other choice, and single parents are only allowed to adopt older and handicapped children
  • Adoption agencies sources say that this isn't correct. Many single family parents adopt normal healthy infants.
  • You can only adopt if you have a high income.
  • If you can show that you can budget well with what you make for you and baby then most agencies will allow the adoption process. Some people who adopt are on public assistance,

Single parenting statistics shows that the increase of single parent homes has changed not only the way we think but also the world around us for instance; many employers have extended maternity leave.  Low income day care is now more readily available.  The government has even assisted by providing tax credits to working parents. Although it isn't easy finding encouragement though family and friends helps.

The myth about single parent families has decreased. Many health care professionals realize that disagreements are more detrimental on children than being raised by a single parent. Although many might disagree, it's been proven that the truths of single parenting outcome. What's important isn't how many raise the child. Its open communication and unconditional love that truly makes the difference.

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