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Did you know that an activity you do every day can increase your risk of cancer?

We are made familiar of cancer-triggers or carcinogens that we may come in contact with in our daily lives such as smoking, processed foods, and pollutants. But what about something that you can’t help but do that in turn, may contribute to your risk of cancer? 

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute conducted a study and found that people who spend many hours of their day sitting have a 66 percent higher risk of developing certain types of cancers compared to those who aren’t as inactive.

The study concluded that being seated often is associated with a 24 percent greater risk of developing colon cancer, and a 21 percent higher risk of lung cancer, and a 32 percent increased risk of endometrial cancer. These percentages increased even more when delving into other sedentary behaviors such as watching TV. 

In retrospect, we know being more physically active is beneficial for our health but in addition to that, we have to get up more often throughout our days according to Dr. Graham Colditz, of Washington University School of Medicine.

Some basic acts such as trying to stand more and sit less could decrease your risk of developing cancer. Incorporating some leg, arm or ab exercises at your desk could be a great start. Overall, it is important to just get moving each day. 

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