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  • Six Things You'd Never Think To Register For (But Definitely Should)

    Six Things You'd Never Think To Register For (But Definitely Should)

    Starting your baby registery can be overwhelming, especially if you're a first time mom. Our advice? Ask the experienced moms in your family and social circle, and check out these six things you'd never think to register for (until you need them in the middle of the night). Granted, you'll never be able to be prepared for everything, but you can Be Prepared-ish!

  • Baby Blender

    Baby Blender

    Making your own baby food is awesome, and it can be so much healthier for your kids! And it's easier than you think if you have the right equipment, like this Baby Brezza blender that's available at Babies''R''Us. Don't forget to register for more baby food storage jars than you think you need as well! Expert moms will tell you that you never have enough.

  • Nasal Aspirator

    Nasal Aspirator

    One of the things that our expert moms all agree on is that you need a nasal aspirator, or a "snot sucker". Newborns are often congested and of course they can't blow their nose on their own! This one is from Nosefrida, but there are multiple options available at Babies''R''Us.

  • A Humidifer

    A Humidifer

    Speaking of congestion, a humidifer can help "un-stuff" little noses! Any type of small humidier will work, but we think this one from Crane is adorable, and it's available at Babies''R''Us.

  • Sound And Light Machines

    Sound And Light Machines

    A sound and/or light machine may seem extravagant, but they are not particularly costly and they can greatly enhance your baby's (and therefore your) sleep. Plus they can double as nightlights or serve as a great way to gently and dimly light the room during nighttime feedings. This cute whale machine by VTech is available at Babies''R''Us, but there are a variety of options at a range of price points.

  • Quick Clean Wipes

    Quick Clean Wipes

    Like diapers, you can never have enough cleaning wipes. These Medela wipes aren't for your baby though, they are designed for cleaning and disinfecting breast pumps without access to soap and water. A 24-pack is available at Babies''R''Us, and believe us, you'll go through them more quickly than you think!

  • Clip-On High Chair Seat

    Clip-On High Chair Seat

    This portable high chair is surprisingly useful in so many ways! Taking your baby out to eat is the obvious one, but it's also nice to be able to have your baby "sit at the table" with the grownups! And it's a tremendous space-saver in small spaces. This Phil & Teds Lobster clip-on chair is available at Babies''R''Us.

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