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iStock 153977827 CroppedWe've all probably had at least one moment when we've recalled an old favorite TV show or series and looked for it on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon with no luck. However, the nostalgia never dies and we can all hope for the day when the powers-that-broadcast get it together and make it available for us to binge-watch to our heart's content. Here are our favorite shows that we wish we could stream right now...


Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

While this show will live forever in daytime TV reruns, we'd love to be to see Will Smith's escapades whenever we'd like.

family matters

Family Matters

Steve Urkel deserves to be streamed, along with the rest of the Winslow crew (and the other shows in the TGIF lineup). Kids these don't know what they're missing!


Saved By The Bell

The wardrobes don't really hold up but the endearing characters do! It would be great to take a trip to Bayside and down memory lane with the gang.

Homicide life on the Street

Homicide: Life On The Street

The pre-cursor to the Law & Order franchise shouldn't be forgotten. Everyone should get to watch a young detective Munch!


gilligans island

Gilligan's Island

This 1960s sitcom is a true classic, and we wish it was available for new generations to discover!


Will & Grace

While we loved all the characters on this ground-breaking comedy (remember when having a gay main character was risky?), there's a special place in our hearts for Karen. And although the series is back with new episodes, we miss the old favorites as well! And now it's available on Hulu and the NBC app!

What shows do you wish would be resurrected?

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