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skechers-false-advertising-lawsuitDo Skechers Tone Ups Help You Lose Weight?

The company says so, but apparently that is not what the courts think. Skechers USA has agreed to settle out of court to avoid a costly and lengthy court battle based on allegations made by state and even federal officials regarding the advertisement claims Sketcher has touted.  According to the giant shoe company, their "toning" shoes known as "Tone-Ups," engage the leg muscles, thereby increasing sleek muscle tone, help women burn more calories and prevent lower back pain.  Widely popular among women, the Skechers Tone Ups was a home run for the company as their sales skyrocketed in 2010 at $1 billion.  As the company was riding on its laurels, though, questions began to be raised as to whether the company's claims were indeed accurate.  

Skechers Tone Up Shoes

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Skecher settled with over 40 states attorneys on about $45 million.  Much of that money paid out will be refunded to consumers who bought the Shape-ups or other toning shoes.  Skechers has also added that they will end up paying $50 million to cover attorney costs.

Still, the Skechers stands by their shoes, saying that paying the money to vindicate themselves, along with the legal distractions are not worth the time.  In addition, they have fielded much feedback, including thousands of testimonies that they have not asked for from women who have not only benefited physically from the shoes, but love how comfortable they are, along with being very stylish.  Skechers is also quick to point out that they are still able to sell the shoes that, they say, are based on technology and sports experts as being legitimate for the last 15 years.

Shape-Ups and Kim Kardashian

State and Federal officials paint a different picture, however, claiming that Skechers made false claims in popular ads, one particular one with Kim Kardashian that showed during Superbowl 2011.  The add claimed that regular fitness shoes did not hold up to the Shape-up shoes, saying that wearing Skecher's Shape-ups helped women tone up more quickly and lose more weight, in addition to losing body fat, improve blood circulation and step up aerobic conditioning.  The FTC was up in arms  because many consumers actually gained weight while wearing the shoes.


Women who purchased the Skechers shoes paid an average of $60 to $100 per pair in 2009.  Those women are qualified for refunds from the company, depending on how many women do apply for the refund option.  Visit www.ftc.gov/skechers for more information.  If you do apply for a refund you may not get all of your money back.

We are always looking for ways to lose weight more efficiently and easily.  And we are not saying that the shoes do not have benefit.  Rather, losing weight the healthy way has some pretty fundamental principles:  Calories in versus calories burned.  And frankly, buying a shoe that claims to burn calories and tone you up is a small part of the overall weight loss picture.  We love Skechers with their trendy, edgy footwear.  But ladies, let's be real about this.  Skechers is a great company that we should still frequent.  But the various gyms and adopting a better nutritional routine as a lifetime change is more imperative.  Do you have the Skecher toning shoes?  And do you think they helped?  Don't be afraid to let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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