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Skiing Santas Raise Money for Charity

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skiing-santas-raise-money-for-charityOver 200 skiing and snowboarding Santas crowded the slopes over the weekend to raise money for an annual toy drive in order to make Christmas a little brighter for many kids.

Christmas time is a time for giving, especially to children who all deserve to have a special holiday. To a child, Christmas is one of the best times of the year. It is a day to open gifts and eat mounds of delicious treats. It’s important to try to give back each year and do our part so that each child can have these special moments.

That is exactly what took place on Sunday at the 14th Annual Santa Sunday at Maine’s Sunday River Resort. Over 200 Santas took to the slopes in order to raise money for the Rotary Club’s toy drive.

Each participating Santa was required to come to the event decked out in full Santa gear; the red suit, hat, even a beard and donate a minimum of $10. All funds would go towards purchasing toys for the annual toy drive. The event managed to raise more than $2,100, which will help make a Merry Christmas for many children.

It was quite a site to see over 200 red suits flying down the mountain, and it was a rather fun way for the participants to raise money. Skiing and snowboarding fans had a blast doing what they love, and in the process they made Christmas special for children. It truly doesn’t get better than that.

What do you think of this charity idea for the holidays?




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