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Holiday travel (or any travel) can be so exciting, so much work (planning and packing for the fam), so much fun. But it can wreak so much havoc on your skin. Especially when you’re on an airplane.

The re-circulated air is super dry and calls for major protection in order not to get all the moisture whisked right out of you. After all, you haven’t worked this hard to get your glowing skin to look almost as good as it did when you were a teenager (okay, but we’re pulling for that!) to let it backpedal from just one trip at 35,000 feet, right? You can pre-empt the bad for you skin flight, by knowing what to put on when you get on the plane.

There are lots of fabulous products to keep you hydrated. And lots of ways to use them - some are what to put on before and some for when you get on the plane. You’ll want to look for moisturizing serums, moisturizing masques, mists, multi-vitamin complexes, skin hydrating boosters, hydrated makeup remover, balms, and more.

Knowing what to put on before and when you get on the plane isn’t just good for you but for your family too. Dry, itchy, cracked skin can ruin anyone’s vacay. Toddlers, teens and your guy will all be asking you to pass your stash so they can look and feel good too.

7 Ways to Keep Skin Fresh During Holiday Travel

  • Prep before you leave. Either visit a spa or do your own at home, but you want to exfoliate, peel, whatever you have to do to get rid of dead skin. Your unclogged pores and newbie cells will then be ready to take on a much needed and protective moisturizer. The night before you go, make time to do a face masque and one for your hair - like an Argan oil one - too.
  • Go without makeup. If you can stand it, it’s best not to wear makeup on the plane as it can clog your pores. If you must wear makeup to the airport, use a cream or tinted moisturizer and avoid cakey powder.
  • Spray on mist. Mineral water will keep you hydrated (look for a travel size mister that will pass TSA inspection). Add a couple drops of lavender, rose or other essential oil to get your aromatherapy on, or you can use a hydrating toner. 
  • Apply moisturizer. After you spritz, apply a hydrating moisturizer, like one from Peter Thomas Roth that’s a moisturizer-gel, and then a serum (we like Kate Sommerville’s Quench Hydrating Serum) to seal the moisture in. Then do an in-flight masque or a quick eye treatment, like Patchology 4-Treatment Kit to reduce red puffy eyes in twenty minutes.
  • Tend to your lips. Balms or serums, like those from Bert's Bees or Rosebud Perfume Company salve (love the tin) are a must, because cracked lips are a given on a plane without them, and not only do they look bad, they also hurt—a lot.
  • Bring basic balms. Products like Aquaphor and Vaseline are multipurpose and a necessity to bring along. Use them on your lips, your cuticles, your elbows, and your cheeks. Anywhere you might find yourself getting dry, these are a quick save.
  • Stay away from salt. Pass on the pretzels and chips on the plane and also say no to any vino or caffeine. Stick to water (makes sense because we are hydrating here) and bring healthy snacks like fruits and veggies - good for the kiddies too.

Once you land, make sure to stay moisturized during your trip (it will help for the flight back) and don’t forget the SPF - ever!

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