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All of us want to keep our skin clean. We want to fight blemishes, signs of aging and of course dryness of the skin. But while we are trying to combat our skin problems, do we take the time to consider what skin chemicals to avoid when choosing a skin care line? 

Bad Ingredients Nixed by Europeans    

There are thousands or skin care products on the market these days. It's hard to know which one is right when there are so many choices. When choosing the right skin care line, it's important to take into consideration what chemicals are in the products. There are skin chemicals to avoid, especially for those that have sensitive skin that may not react well to certain chemicals such as alcohol or benzyl peroxide found in some skin care products. Allergic reactions to chemicals such as these aren't uncommon and can lead to rashes or other skin problems such as red patches.

Skin irritation and rashes are mild problems compared to what some other known ingredients used in making skin care products and cosmetics can cause. Products such as talc and DEA/TEA (Triethanolamine) are known to be carcinogenic a substances that can cause cancer. Talc is one of the ingredients found in powders including baby powder. DEA/TEA can be found in skin care products such as body moisturizers, face moisturizers and shampoos. These are just a few of the skin chemicals to avoid in skin care products that are now on the market. There is also formaldehyde, which in skin care products is used as a way to fight bacteria. As many of us know, formaldehyde also used in embalming fluid and has been known to cause skin irritation.

Why Do Manufacturers Use Harsh Chemicals in Skin-Care Products?

Why are these products still allowed to be used? There are no strict guidelines in place that stop manufacturers from using them, so in order to cut back costs, they use these ingredients no matter the type of allergic reactions or health issues that may occur because of them. It would seem getting dry skin or skin irritation can be the least of our worries when being exposed to these chemicals being used to make skin care products.  So what can we do to avoid such chemicals if we do find them too harsh? Some might think using products that are for sensitive skin such as products that are hypoallergenic is a good alternative. However, if you look closely at the ingredients you can see that some of these products can contain some harsh skin chemicals as well. 

There are European products that have done away with using harsh chemicals in skin care products (such chemicals haven't been banned in this country). Yes, these tend to be expensive.  So what does a person do who doesn't have the money to get this type of skin care line from Europe? Natural, or green skin care products are one answer. These are made with natural ingredients supplied by the good earth. Keep in mind that just because the product claims to be "natural" it may still contain some chemicals in it's ingredients such as alcohol. Read labels carefully and look for these natural products in their purest form. There is no regulation on the word "natural," so it can be used by anyone. The best products will have short, recognizable ingredient lists, meaning no eight-syllable, unpronounceable chemicals. If in doubt, consult a professional dermatologist or even your local pharmacist to find the right skin care product for you.

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