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17611 huggies header resizedSLEEP! While the rest of the world runs on money, power and fame, from the first cry, a new parent's world trades on the currency of sleep. Let's be more precise here, the concurrent minutes of sleep a mom or dad can string together at one time is money in the mommy and daddy bank. The parents of a baby discover two big truths in the first year of parenthood: 1) They are exhausted, not tired, exhausted and 2) Being exhausted makes you do wacky things. 

Womensforum and Huggies® OverNites Diapers invited new moms and dads to confess their sleep-deprived stories. The result is a comedy routine only Mother Nature can write.

17605-lisa-beazleyWhich One Doesn't Belong?

New mom to 5-month-old Madison, Lisa Beazley remembers confusing the dirty diaper hamper with the refrigerator.

Yep, you read that right!

"Here’s the thing, during the first month of having a baby if people like you, they will bring you food. They bring a lot of take-out and a lot of snacks that don’t require refrigeration, so we didn’t have to go into the refrigerator for a few hours. Then I opened our refrigerator and the, smell hit me, and I said 'No I didn’t!' I didn’t tell anybody. My mom was there, my sister was there, Madison's dad was there... I didn’t tell anybody! I just opened the refrigerator, put the diaper in the trash, left the refrigerator open, and left the kitchen."

~ Lisa Beazley

17605-brooke-shupeNew Mommy Style!

Brooke Shupe had just finished grabbing a 15-minute power nap in her office before the prosecutor and new mom rushed to court where she found herself facing the judge and defense attorney in chambers.

"The defense attorney looks over at me and does elevator eyes, and I'm like 'What!?!' I say, 'I am not going to offer less time on this case. You know there are going to be no deals in this case. We are going to trial,' and he goes 'I am not talking about that; I am talking about how ridiculous you look right now.' I look down and I had on one leopard-print shoe and one black shoe. I had no idea until he pointed it out to me."

~ Brooke Shupe

17611-deesha-soloMommy's Secret Weapon

Mom Deesha Patel was chatting with another mom when she struck gold in her quest for more sleep time. 

"It was one of those things she got to talking and said 'why don’t you try the nighttime diapers'. That was a game-changer!! A lot more freshness, long stretches of sleeping and it wasn’t disturbing the baby as much. I just feel that extra absorbency adds a few extra hours of sleep and extra comfort throughout the night the baby needs."

~ Deesha Patel



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