sleeping-with-makeup-on-the-dangersDon't Let Makeup Take Away From Your Beauty!

Sometimes, after a hard day, we just want to plop into bed without taking off makeup. Or sometimes, we just don’t want to the one we’re sharing the bed with to see us without makeup. However, while we rely on makeup to enhance our beauty, sleeping with makeup on can have the opposite effect. Sleeping in makeup can damage skin and eyes, actually hindering our beauty more than helping.

Is It Bad to Sleep with Makeup On?

It’s one of the makeup mistakes that so many women make so frequently, though, with lives getting so busy. Even so, if you want to stay beautiful, try to not sleep in makeup.

Why NOT to Sleep in Makeup

1. Sleeping with Makeup on Can Cause Acne

It’s safe to say that acne is something most try to avoid. When you sleep with makeup on, though, the makeup clogs your pores. Pores secrete sebum, which protects your skin and cleans out all the junk, like dead skin cells and bacteria, out of your pore openings. When you sleep in makeup, sebum has nowhere to release and therefore builds up, which can cause the dreaded zits.

2. Sleeping in Makeup Can Age Your Skin

As for this, forgetting one night and sleeping with makeup on won’t hurt you too much, but the effects build up over time if made a habit. Making sleeping in makeup a regular deal can age your skin, as the skin cells activate most in the night to recover from all that it’s exposed to during the day. Makeup fights against these cells and can lead to wrinkles and overall older-looking skin.

3. Sleeping with Make on Can Hurt Your Eyes

That’s right; don’t forget that eye makeup either! The effects from sleeping in makeup can range from slight irritation, like waking up with itchy, bloodshot eyes, to an allergic reaction, to a full-blown infection. Make up and pink eye have been connected, and anyone who’s had pink eye knows how irritating it is. It’s worth it to make taking off your makeup routine before bed a bedtime for this reason alone.

4. Your Poor Pillowcase!

It might be one of the most obvious reasons because it’s the one that doesn’t need weeks or years to take effect. It fact, all it takes is a couple of seconds on your pillow. Sleeping with makeup on can leave your pillows covered in residue from your foundation and/or concealer and very noticeable marks from your mascara and/or eye shadow, depending on the colors of your pillows and makeup. Regardless, it definitely doesn’t help your bed look clean.

How to Easily Take Makeup Off Before Bed

It might seem like a pain, but taking your makeup off before bed can be a painless procedure. The fastest and most effective way to take off your makeup would be to buy a good makeup remover and put it on some cotton swabs, gently dabbing the cottons swab on where the makeup is. You could also use a facial cleanser, or good old soap and water will usually do just fine if you wash well.  

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