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slow-cooker-ideas-for-week-worth-of-meals-headerWhat's for dinner this week?

That pesky question is back. So here we are again, the start of the week and a whole bunch of dinners waiting to be planned, prepped and prepared. We are here to help with the even bigger task of figuring out what to make to please all the picky eaters in the house, who have also all of a sudden become sick of the same old thing. Well, it’s a new season with a whole new host of stuff to keep us busy, so why not take out your slow cooker and let most of the cooking happen while you’re getting other stuff done. Plus the aroma of the food cooking keeps your house smelling like the comforts of home. Here are slow cooker ideas and recipes for the family

What’s great about these slow cooker ideas for a week worth of meals is that there is minimal prep time and preparing. The ingredients basically get "thrown" together in the pot, slowly cook all day and are ready to be served with a side, in a sandwich, over rice or just alone when you get home. It’s quite time efficient for you - and because the food is slowly cooking, the flavors get well developed.


Like all of our "What’s for Dinner" ideas, we have suggestions for meal prepping with a slow cooker. Then you can head out to find the best recipes for your family, whether it’s from a well worn cookbook, family recipe or from perusing the internet. You’ll want to put your efforts into cooking a meal that has the ingredients and tastes that work for your group.

Top Five Meals to Make in Your Slow Cooker

  • Chili: Always a favorite, chili can be con carne (beef, turkey, chicken or pork), just beans or mixed with other veggies too. If your crowd likes spicy, it can be turned up a notch or be kept mellow for those sensitive taste buds. You can serve chili over rice, add some shredded cheese and sour cream or let the kids scoop up their bowls with some tortilla chips.
  • Classics: For your meat and potatoes kind of menu, the slow-cooker rocks. Try beef stew, pot roast, short ribs, briskets and more. Chicken and pork dishes like shredded chicken and beans and ropa vieja are great in the crock pot too. Potatoes can be added later to cook with the meat - or serve any of these with rice or noodles.
  • Sandwiches: No deli turkey here. Use your crock pot to make pulled pork, turkey or chicken filling for sandwiches - especially tasty in a barbecue sauce. These meats will easily shred once they’re cooked and can be put right onto an sliders or oversized buns.
  • Soups: Perfect to serve with a side salad or sandwich or even on their own, soups are a perfect slow-cooker meal. And the range of choices starts at split pea, black bean, chicken and vegetable and goes on and on and on.
  • Desserts: Yes, you can bring it home with your slow cooker too. Try everything from peach and berry cobblers to soft brownies, cakes and more.

Bon appétit!

For more information and food ideas and parenting, check out poshmom.com

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