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Each summer, we try to find new and unique ways to be healthy. One of these ways is healthier grilling ideas!

The barbecue is a key social spot in the summer, whether it’s by the pool, on a patio, or by (even better, on) the beach! This list of smart and healthy swaps for your next barbecue will have you feeling great – inside and out!

Corn on the Cob

A grilling classic – make this a lighter side by squeezing fresh lime juice on your corn instead of slathering on butter and salt.

Chicken and Turkey Burgers

Opt for chicken or turkey burgers instead of heavy (and often pricier) red meats. If you absolutely do need to have a red meat option for the meat n’ potato guests, opt for leaner meats such as sirloin instead of ground chuck.

Cook Deliciously with Mazola® corn oil

Looking for an oil that’ll have a neutral taste, so other flavors of your favorite foods come out more? Opt for Mazola Corn Oil, which has a high smoke point (ideal all-purpose oil for grilling) and *lowers cholesterol more than extra virgin olive oil.

Whole Grain or All Green

If it’s white, take flight! This saying is true when it comes to fluffy white flour buns. Enhance your meals with 100 percent whole grain buns or nix the bun all together and lay your meats on a bed of lettuce!

Cole Slaw

Sliced up veggies – all good. Sliced up veggies covered in mayo? Not so good. Mix your veggies in nonfat Greek yogurt to give it great flavor and a bigger health factor!

Crunchy Kale Chips

Potato chips are a popular choice to snack on during barbecues but all that salt – not so good. Why not make some homemade kale chips? They can still get a little seasoning on them and will cause way less guilt when grabbing handfuls.

Just Right Desserts

No meal is done without a good dessert, right? Right? Instead of indulging in highly caloric treats, opt for a fruit and yogurt bowl or small single-serve light ice cream with a few sprinkles of dark chocolate.

* Benefits of corn oil compared to extra-virgin olive oil consumption on the plasma lipid profile in men and women with elevated cholesterol: results from a controlled feeding trial. Poster session presented at: American Society for Nutrition’s Advances & Controversies in Clinical Nutrition Conference; 2013 Dec 5-7; Washington, D.C. Study sponsored in part by ACH Food Companies, Inc. 

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