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healthy-sexual-relationshipsSTD Testing For Partners

Perhaps chatting over tea about genital herpes is not your idea of a fun afternoon out with the girls, but maybe talking about having healthy intimate relationships can be. The truth of the matter is, one person out of every five has herpes. That's right, if you are with five ladies for a fun evening out, one of you may already have herpes and not even know. 

Talking Turkey About STDs

Herpes certainly is not the only STD, but it is definitely a top contender in the popularity race. Many of those one out of every five folks have the oral type of herpes. Some experts say anywhere from fifty to eighty percent of people living with herpes have this particular type. It is easily obtained and stays around once you have it.

Some other STD forms are Chlamydia, AIDS, HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, crabs, scabies, HPV, and the list goes on. If that list isn't enough to scare you into always having protected intercourse, continue reading. In men, STDs are transported via mucous membranes within the penis, rectum, and inside the urinary tract. You can also obtain some STDs through the mouth, eyes and throat. Oddly enough, the so called "mucous membrane" within the penis is not something that actually produces mucous at all, but it certainly can be a transmitter of STDs. These membranes are fond of passing things into the body, and no matter how "clean" someone may think they are, they can easily spread something or obtain it from someone else.

Curing STDs

The main issue with STDs is that they are not easily cured. The lingering effects of STDs can be devastating. Some can stay in your life much longer than the person that made you sick. There are endless methods of saving yourself from getting to this point. Utilizing condoms, foams, and always practicing safe sex are some basic ways to start. Being monogomous with your partner versus having multiple partners can drasticly reduce your chances of obtaining anything. Safe intimacy may not be something that you desire, but it is something that can potentially save your life.

Staying Safe to Prevent STDs

There are many young people in the world that feel that they are invincible. They think they could never catch an STD because they always engage in intimacy with those that are clean individuals or people that they know well. Nothing could be further from the truth as STDs do not discriminate. In fact, sexually transmitted diseases can be obtained just from having unprotected sex one time. Your partner could have obtained virtually any disease from someone they have been intimate with, or even someone that they have not. The best way to prevent getting an STD is by having regular checkups with your doctor, protecting yourself with condoms, and being in a healthy intimate relationship with a single partner.

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