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17119 SmartphoneoveruseMAIN

If you look around a crowded space, you're bound to see a ton of people hovering over their smartphones. Paying such close attention to such a small screen all day is, surprisingly, not the healthiest thing for your body. 

A whole host of problems can occur when we overuse our trusty devices. Here are a few symptoms to watch out for so you know when to take a tech break. 

Eye Strain

17119 EyeStrain

Probably the most common of physical problems associated with Smartphone use is eye strain. Spending the entire day staring at a screen can really take a toll on your eyes, leading to itchiness, headaches, and fatigue.

A great way to prevent this issue is by taking regular screen breaks, about one every 20 minutes. Eye drops can also help. 

Text Neck/Claw

17119 NeckStrain

This one comes from hovering over that little electronic rectangle for hours on end and holding your hand in an awkward position. Discomfort in the neck and spine is very common after lots of smartphone use. The angle we hold our heads at when looking at smartphones puts an extra 60 pounds of strain on your spine. 

It's no picnic for your hands either, as hours playing games can cramp up joints and lead to even more discomfort. Stretching your hand or giving it a nice massage can help alleviate the pain. 



Research has shown that looking up photos of delicious food can drive someone to make poor dietary decision making. Images of foods that are high in calorie count can lead to cravings and uncontrolled eating, so if that Pinterest board makes you a little too hungry, then it might be a good idea to turn away for a while. 

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