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smoking-drinking-cancerCancers That Effect Men More

Cancer...the word alone is mind numbing. When it hits you at home or effects someone you are close to or work with, it can be a true reality check. Research shows that men will be suffering from various forms of cancer more often than the ladies. Smoking, drinking, cancer and other lifestyle choices are closely linked. Could you man's bad habits be more than just an annoyance?

Is Your Man’s Habit Killing Him?

Cancers can effect both sexes, but for some reason many of them are more common in men than women. Breast, gall bladder and thyroid cancers are higher in women, but virtually every other kind is more common in the male population. Some have their own theories that men chew tobacco and may be more likely to smoke cigars and cigarettes over the ladies. Others site that men, in general, are less concious of the negative effects of poor lifestyle choices.

Penile, prostate, testicular and even breast cancer can develop in males. Having the right testing seems to be key at this time in not only preventing certain forms of cancer, but treating those that already have cells or tumors within the body. Ask your primary care physician regularly what tests your man may need to undergo and have them completed sooner rather than later. The facts prove that early detection can make all the difference when it comes to a few forms of cancer. For example, prostate cancer used to have a 67% survival rate, but thanks to early detection, 97% of patients are now cured of this particular form of cancer.  

Male Cancer Facts

  • Lung cancer is the most common cancer in men. 
  • Colorectal cancer is next in line and effects every race.
  • Prostate cancer effects all men, but it has a significant presence in Hispanic males
  • Liver cancer effects millions of men each and every year and is very present in Pacific Islander males
  • All of these cancers are dramatically more common in men that smoke and/or drink

Lung Cancer Prevention

So what can you do to protect you man? The first thing is to encourage the men around you to stop any of their habits that may be leading up to a horrifying disease. Cancer can develop from many things such as smoking, drinking, poor eating habits, lack of exercise and of course, the use of street drugs. These can be minor adjustments that you can encourage your spouse or other loved one to stop now to avoid having to cope with these terrifying illnesses. There are endless support groups one can find that are locally operated to help stop those habits and begin a life of greater overall health.

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