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If you're anything like us, the busier you are, the less likely you are to stick to a healthy eating routine that supports your nutritional goals. However, foregoing your dietary needs and requirements in favor of convenience almost never works out well in the long run, and you'll most likely find yourself paying for that quick treat or snack later. 

There are solutions to this problem, however - they just require a little planning ahead. 

Pack Your Snacks Ahead Of Time

A little planning ahead never hurt anyone, and you are a lot less likely to give into the temptation of fast food, a candy bar, or another quick fix with low nutritional value. Starting the day with a couple snacks in your bag or organizing a stash of healthy food to keep at work might be the smartest thing you could possibly do in regard to your mood and energy level. 

After all, no one performs well on an empty stomach - and no one likes being around someone who's "hangry" either! Plus you don't want to enjoy the wrong kind of snack, e.g. one that doesn't fit into your diet plan or meet your nutritional needs, or actually makes you feel gross or sick after you eat it! Which leads us to our next point...

Know How Your Food Affects Your Performance

Snacking isn't just about satisfying your hunger - it's about satiating your appetite in a way that not only fills up you, but gives you the right kind of energy! 

We probably don't need to tell you that candy bars, chips, soda, and any other high-calorie processed snack that's full of sugar, carbs, and saturated fat is probably a terrible thing to eat, no matter how compelling it seems when you're starving.

However, when you're getting hunger pangs and your mood and energy levels are crashing is the worst time for good decision making, so take your compulsions out of the equation by packing a snack or two ahead of time. 

Things that are relatively well-packaged and healthy like apples, bananas, yogurt cups, granola bars, nuts, and protein bars are all pretty obvious choices, but read on for some more options that fit into even more restricted diets. 

How Snacking Fits Into A Healthy Diet

If you feel guilty about snacking, you're not alone - two-thirds of American adults snack at least twice a day, and some say they reach for a snack up to four times a day! That said, snacking isn't all bad, either - it might actually be healthier or more beneficial to consume a few smaller meals or mini-meals throughout the day, as opposed to the more traditional three square meals.

It really depends on the overall calories and the amounts of protein, good fat, and other nutrients that you're getting - this is more important than the distribution of your meals. Think holistically when it comes to creating a dietary plan, and that includes snacks! 

Snacking With Diet Restrictions

Being on a low FODMAP diet, an elimination diet, or any other restricted sort of diet can make snacking while you're on the go pretty complicated. However, our sponsor Nestlé's ProNourish™ Nutritional Drinks, which are packed with protein (15 grams!) and other important nutrients, might be an excellent choice. And since it was designed with the help of healthcare professionals, it does not include certain ingredients like gluten and sugar alcohols that might trigger digestive discomfort. 


ProNourish™ Drinks come in two flavors - Strawberry Banana and French Vanilla - and they’re shelf stable so they don't have to be refrigerated, making them perfect to throw in your bag and drink whenever you need a boost while you're out and about. (That said, we do think they taste best chilled if you can access a fridge or even a cup of ice.) It even works as a mini-meal in a pinch. In fact, we think ProNourish™ Drinks might be your new on-the-go snacking solution. Check out pronourish.com for more info.


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