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Having some extra cash on hand can be useful, but where do you put it so it isn't so obvious? Whether you're worried about losing money or having someone take it, or trying to teach your kid about useful hiding spots for their allowance and lunch money, try some of these creative hiding spots for your hard earned cash!

Inside a shirt pocket


Pick out an old shirt you don't see yourself wearing any time soon and stuff its pockets with extra bills. Would-be thieves would never have time to parse through your endless wardrobe to find your money, let alone think to look in the closet in the first place.

In a DVD case

The DVD's heyday has come and gone but that doesn't mean you can't put their cases to good use! No one's going to watch that Cheaper By The Dozen disc anytime soon, making it the perfect place to stash some cash.

Buried in the backyard


Oh yes, the old bury your treasure trick. Despite this looking a little odd to some neighbors, this could be a fun activity to do with little ones who want to find creative spots to hide their spare change. Just make sure to remember where you buried the goods!

Behind a painting

Simply tape an envelope behind a painting and suddenly you've got your very own savings account! Make some regular deposits and you'll be able to buy yourself even more paintings in no time!

In a chapstick container 

You wont be able to fit your entire fortune into this clever hiding place, but it's definitely a sneaky way to carry around a few extra bucks. Check out the easy steps in the video tutorial below!

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