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Experience with cancer drives exquisite dance performance. 

With all the attention on reality shows it's rare that something truly "REAL" jumps out at you and takes your breath away. But with sometimes, from singing sensations to dance numbers, there is something for everyone. The summer of 2009 sizzled with a pretty special performance last July 22. The So You Think You Can Dance breast cancer dedication was beyond anything imaginable.

So You Think You Can Dance Breast Cancer, Inspires!

The flowing beauty, the emotional integrity and the charged choreography was a poignant, exquisite expression of what a breast cancer patient and her loved ones go through. Emotional and jarring the inspiration of that dance will live on.

It was also truly an inspirational way to heighten breast cancer awareness. This incredible dance piece was choreographed by Tyce Diorio and performed by Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi. The story is based on a breast cancer patient and her struggle against the disease. It also depicted the way a friend or partner might deal with it.

Tyce who has already been nominated for one Emmy in choreography will probably be nominated for a second with this special dance routine. He dedicated the dance to his lifelong friend, Michele Larkin who has been battling breast cancer for a year. He felt it was necessary to make a statement and support his friend while bringing attention to the second most prominent cancer among women.

The grace displayed between dancers Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi, was amazing.  It took the raw emotion of having a breast cancer diagnosis and the experience of dealing with the frustration, anger and dismay about the disease, and exploring what it means to a couple to bring this piece to life.  The work spoke so beautifully about the need for support and comfort from those that support breast cancer fighters.  As they danced through their steps and "acted out" the respective parts that they were portraying you had no choice but to be pulled into the story with all its sadness, grace, hope, frustration and fear.  It brought out all of this and more.

The art of dance serves as a terrific medium when dealing with emotions too difficult to put in to words. For this reason dance therapy has been used for years as a way to express oneself without having to speak the words.  This particular form of therapy has long been one of the more emotionally revealing and creative therapies.

The performance of So You Think You Can Dance breast cancer was not only therapeutic for the dancers but for everyone that was watching. The display of genuine art was refreshing to see and the fact that it touched virtually every person who watched the fluid movements and story line is just a testament to the brilliance of the choreographer and the talent of the dancers that brought it to life.

Breast cancer is a tough disease.  It is hard on the patient, the family and the friends because everyone is emotionally invested. It was wonderful to see that a dance could pull us all up and give us great insight into not only the struggles with breast cancer but also the triumphs over cancer as well.

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