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Jen Arnold, known to TLC fans as the other half of The Little Couple, has always used her television platform to promote causes.

When she was diagnosed with cancer she was not shy about it. When treating that cancer left her unable to have children, she shared her journey to adopt... twice! Now the mom and doctorshe is a pediatrician at Texas Children's Hospitalhas a new cause blending all of the hats she wears. 

Dr. Arnold is speaking out about vaccinating babies against deadly diseases. She spoke with us about how it feels to use fame for good! We might have also fished around, without luck, for when a new season of her TLC show might be airing.

No word on those new episodes with Arnold and Bill Klein, but you can watch old episodes online and follow their current lives on The Little Couple Facebook page. 

You can learn more about baby vaccinations on the Baby Vax Facts website.