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The weekend means going out with friends or snuggling up for some quality time with Netflix. Either way, you'll probably end up staying up way later than your usual bedtime. 

The result? A long-lasting disruption of your sleep cycle. The minute you hit the hay on Sunday night, SleepScheduleAyou'll find yourself having trouble getting some rest. This is because your sleep rhythm is so screwed up from the late nights and sleep-ins that your body can't immediately get back to its regular routine.

Getting your cycle back on track could take days - it might be Friday again before everything's back to normal. This disruption in regular sleeping patterns is known as 'social jet lag' and can have some rough consequences on your overall health. 

A study published in the journal Current Biology found that individuals who suffered from social jet lag are three times as likely to be overweight. Being overweight can, in turn, result in a higher risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or a whole host of other problems.

It is unknown exactly why this connection exists, but researchers theorize it might be due to irregular meal times or disruption in metabolism. So be sure to keep close tabs on your weekend sleep schedules. Not only will your body thank you, but you'll also  be able to save on that second cup of coffee! 

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