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Selfie lovers be advised, certain places and landmarks are now banning selfies, selfie sticks and photo taking completely from their premises. There's several different reasons behind these bans, but most of them cite concerns over visitor safety and damaging the site. We guess this means that we'll have to get a little more creative with our Instagram posts on our next vacation.

Leave Your Selfie Stick At Home When You Visit These Places

1. Vatican City, Sistine Chapel


A photo posted by Kai Ridenoure (@kaidahranee) on

Think again if you want to take a selfie at one of the most visited landmarks in the Vatican City. Photography is completely banned at the chapel, which means you'll have to take the time to admire the famous ceiling painted by Michelangelo in person, not later on your smartphone's screen. The photo ban has actually been in place since 1980, but enforcement isn’t exactly strict since plenty of tourists still take pictures. Remember though- each time your camera flashes, it damages Michelangelo's work of art.

2. New York State

Photo Credit: Tinder Guys With Tigers

New York is the first state to outlaw people taking photos of themselves with lions, tigers, and leopards at places like the zoo. But why the odd law? Well, the growing trend of taking “tiger selfies” for your dating profiles played a big role in the decision. Now, if you’re caught taking photos, you could get charged a fine of up to $1000.

3. Mecca, Saudi Arabia


A photo posted by وليد رعيد (@waled6583) on

A pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca is a mandatory religious duty that all followers of Islam must complete at least once in their lifetime. But younger Muslims are using social media to detail their trips, such as them visiting or touching holy sites but clerics and scholars say that goes against Islamic principles.

4. South Korea


 Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons 

Selfies aren’t banned in South Korea but selfie sticks are. For those unfamiliar with it, a selfie stick is a device that holds your smartphone in front of you, so that you can get that great background behind you in your photo. However, they are connected to your phone using Bluetooth, which means they can access personal information when you snap a pic, which South Korea isn't cool with. The government is now using agencies to monitor and crack down on unregistered knock-off sticks. If you're found with a selfie stick you can face a fine up to $27k or even jail time. 

5. Beijing, The Palace Museum


A photo posted by Leif (@adlaiff6) on

It’s been called the Forbidden City for many reasons, but now it's got one more. Selfie sticks are now banned at this popular tourist destination. Officials say these sticks pose a threat to people in crowds as well as to the antiques of the site.

6. Amsterdam, The Van Gogh Museum


A photo posted by Julius Cano (@juliuscano) on

The Van Gogh Museum is a must when you visit Amsterdam, but be advised that photography is banned there. Bright camera flashes can damage and fade the famous paintings' pigments. If you're worried about not being able to remember all the details in the paintings when you return home, fear not. The museum has photos of it's entire collection on their website.

7. France, Garoupe Beach


A photo posted by @iainf268 on

This beach along the southern coast of France has banned selfies, which they call “braggies,” stating the constant upload of selfies at their beach was ruining the true French beach experience. We're not exactly sure what a "true French beach experience" entails, but if it's like any other beach experience, we're assuming it involves sand getting everywhere and varying degrees of sunburn.

8. New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art


A photo posted by Maria Caú (@mariaccau) on

One of the most famous museums in the world has banned selfie sticks saying they can harm the works of art and cause injury to people. But, don't worry you can still take selfies at the museum. We just hope your arm is long enough to get your face and your favorite pieces in the Japanese Art exhibit in the same shot.

9. California/Nevada, Lake Tahoe


A photo posted by Jacob Bean (@jacob_bean) on

The park rangers at Lake Tahoe are now asking visitors not to take photos of or selfies with the bears that reside in the national park. Unsurprisingly, the camera flashes bother the bears and pose a safety threat to visitors. Although a selfie with a bear charging at your in the background may get you a lot of Instagram likes, which will for sure cheer you up while you're recovering from a bear attack in the hospital.

10. Pamplona, Running of the Bulls


Photo Credit: Getty

Pamplona has another selfie ban that we agree with, because it certainly doesn’t seem smart or safe to be taking selfies while running away from bulls. Pamplona now officially has a rule against selfies and are dishing out heavy fines for those who still manage to take a pic while running away from an animal that typically weighs over 1,000 pounds.

11. Walt Disney World


Photo Credit: Flickr User emercp

Walt Disney World has imposed a strict ban on selfie sticks in rides! While there has always been a rule against sticking objects out of rides and attractions, there have been a few incidents involving selfie sticks on Thunder Mountain Railroad during which the ride had to be shut down that has caused the park to reiterate that selfie sticks are banned. Guests can bring the selfie sticks onto the rides as long as they are safely stowed away. 

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