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Soccer fans across the globe were stunned when Germany defeated Brazil 7-1. 

As Germany made goal (after goal, after goal...), fans from both countries as well as others watching the incredible match took to social media to voice their amazement. First came disbelief that the home country of the World Cup could be beat, then came many tears from Brazil's fans, several which were captured and will live in Internet infamy. 

Before we get to the photos, here are some notable facts and take-aways from the match:

  • Brazil did well...for 10 minutes. The team of a nation that's seen five World Cups did well for a short while, but in the 11th minute Germany scored.
  • Amid the high numbers of goals scored in the game, Germany's Miroslav Klose broke a World Cup record with his 16th career goal.
  • The score was 5-0 to Germany by the first half hour. Germany scored four in six minutes!
  • Mick Jagger has been blamed for the thrashing Brazil faced at the World Cup. Apparently the Rolling Stones frontman has been seen as a World Cup jinx. Anytime he supports is defeated. 

The reaction from fans poured in during and after the game, capturing emotions from both sides.

Supermodel Gisele Bunchen, who will present the winners of the World Cup with the trophy, showed support before the game. But her incredible looks weren't powerful enough to help.



After several goals in by Germany, we were all like:



Germany was like:



And their fans were like:



Meanwhile, Brazil fans...





Broncos quarterback Manning could relate.



Some said it was becoming a bit painful to watch.




While some blamed the loss on Neymar and his fractured vertebra, fingers were pointed at one famous band wagon fan.




Honestly, this video helps sum it up.




And as for U.S. fans who are out of the running?



Photo Credit: Twitter

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