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Welcome to WomensForum's weekly style roundup - a collective look at some of the best blogger and Instagram fashion photos of the week. For this week’s post, we’ve collected some inspiration for simple ways to add color into your wardrobe this spring!

1. Veronika Heilbrunner — Style Editor, Harper’s Bazaar


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Pastel pink pants are perfect for adding a pretty pop of color (yes, we were trying to see how many “p” words we could squeeze into that sentence). Pastel colors are perfect for adding color without appearing too bright and bold. We love how Veronika Keilbrunner paired the statement pants with a simple black top.

2. Stephanie Liu— Honey n’ Silk



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Wearing a checkered or plaid patterned shirt is a great way to add subtle color to your attire. We recommend pairing it with plain, simple items to keep from going color overload.

3. Candela Novembre



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If you like to wear a lot of black (no shame, most of us do) try adding a fun, colorful coat over your outfit for a removable color pop! We adore this fun fuzzy option from model Candela Novembre.

4. Noor de Groot— Queen of Jetlags



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Sometimes, the easiest way to wear a color is to wear all one color! We love how Noor de Groot goes full maroon!

5. Annabel Rosendahl

Shoes are a woman’s best friend— especially when she’s looking to add color to a look. Slip on a pair of red heels or lacy sandals and you’re good to go on the color front!

6. Style du Monde

Accessories are a perfect, easy way to add a little hint of color. Extra bonus points if you can match your bag to a subtle touch of color on your top!


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