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Welcome to WomensForum's weekly style roundup - a collective look at some of the best blogger and Instagram fashion photos of the week. For this week’s roundup, we are exploring some of the many ways to spice up your look through patterns and textures.

1. Style du Monde


A photo posted by * STYLE DU MONDE (@styledumonde) on

Stripes on stripes is a surefire way to make your look stand out, but if you want to elevate it even more, we recommend incorporating some color into your stripes!

2. Bat Gio


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If you’re a fan of the subtle patterned look, try keeping the majority of your look simple and neutral and pair it with one patterned piece. We love how this skirt pokes out from under the look with just a little pop of pattern!

3. Chiara Ferragni


A photo posted by Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni) on

Adding a little texture to a simple “jeans and t-shirt” look is a fun, simple way to take your style from novice to expert. Chiara’s sheer, patterned neckline is simple and stunning.

4. Barbara Martelo

Animal print can quickly go from chic to eek, but when done properly, it can be an amazing way to spruce up your style. We recommend one standout garment that doesn’t take things too over-the-top and a few simple pieces to layer on top.

5. Maja Wyh


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Texture is another great way to take a simple look and make it fabulous. The fur accents on Maja’s plain white sweater are a great example of an easy way to give your look a more elegant feel!

6. Noor De Groot


A photo posted by queenofjetlags (@queenofjetlags) on

If you’re not feeling the simple style, take your look to the ultimate patterned upgrade by wearing a busier pattern from head to toe. 

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