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solange-knowles-wedding-photo-mainSolange Knowles has always moved to the beat of her own drum. The indie songstress has cultivated her own eclectic style of music and fashion that is a far cry from her big sister’s.

So when we heard that Solange got married over the weekend, we were dying to see what the bride had in store for us!

The 28-year-old married her long time love and music director, 51-year-old Alan Ferguson, at a ceremony in New Orleans. As you could probably guess, the Knowles-Ferguson nuptials were anything but traditional.

Some couples believe it’s bad luck to see one another before the wedding. Knowles and Ferguson, however, aren’t that superstitious. The couple rode together through the French Quarter streets on white bikes with baskets full of flowers to get to their ceremony at the Marigny Opera House.



Photo Credit: Splash

Riding a bike in a wedding dress is close to impossible, so Solange had to plan accordingly. The bride wore a beautiful cream-colored jumpsuit from designer Stephane Rolland. Once she arrived at the venue, she changed into a high-necked, floor length white gown with a matching cape from Humberto Leon for Kenzo.

Although this is Solange’s second wedding, she still chose to wear white for her nuptials. The groom, bridal party, and remaining wedding guests also chose this traditional route, wearing some variation of white. Not only was everyone classy and elegant, they also made for some excellent bridal portraits!


Photo Credit: Instagram

Speaking of wedding portraits, Solange posed with her bridal party for some gorgeous, Vogue-worthy shots. While most bridesmaids get stuck wearing matching dresses, Solange’s bridesmaids got to be a little more creative.

Each member of the bridal party wore a dress/pants suit of their choice. Beyonce wore a mid-length, sleeveless, figure hugging dress, while mama Tina wore a floor-length, long sleeved dress. Other members of the bridal party wore dresses of all lengths and styles, while some even rocked fitted dress pants and crop tops.

Although the Knowles family is Hollywood royalty, the Solange-Ferguson wedding was anything but a star-studded spectacle. Solange wanted a semi-intimate gathering with only about 200 guests.


Photo Credit: Splash

Just because it wasn’t a red carpet affair didn’t mean there was a shortage of star power and entertainment. Solange and her 10-year-old son, Daniel, took to the dance floor and wowed guests with their choreographed dance to "No Flex Zone" by Rae Sremmurd. This was a far cry from the traditional father-daughter wedding dance, but a mother-son hip hop interlude isn’t any less adorable.

Solange’s wedding broke the mold and paved the way for non-traditional brides everywhere. When asked about the success of her ceremony, Solange was pleased with the results.

"Everyone I worked with on the wedding are friends who I love," Knowles said in an interview with Vogue. "Everything was a labor of love."

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