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some-school-districts-quit-healthier-lunch-programAbout a year after launching the National School Lunch Program, several schools around the nation are opting out. 

Even though the $11 billion federal program agreed to reimburse schools and even provide them with insider tips on how to get less expensive food, officials at many school districts say they’re still losing out. Officials in upstate New York at Burnt Hills Ballston Lake system say they lost $100,000 under the program.

Schools Opting Out of Healthy Lunch Program

Superintendent Gary Lewis of Catlin Community Unit School District 5 in Illinois says the district lost $30,000 after their lunch sales went down 10 to 12 percent after starting the program.

Some of the 31 million students who participated, many of whom have never been forced to eat fruits and veggies daily, ditched the healthy choices and went for the junk food from the schools’ vending machines or even from home. 

Still, many districts can’t afford to sever ties with the program. The districts that separated from the program now have the freedom to create their own guidelines.

The good news is that most schools around the United States do meet criteria for healthy lunches even if they’re not a part of the National School Program. 

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