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wedding-chic-nails-headerAdd a pinch of personality into your wedding with these bridal manicures.

If you’re a bride-to-be or part of a wedding party, you’ve probably already thought about what to do with your nails! You probably will want those perfect chic bridal nails. Forget the french manicure and go with one of these fresh chic bridal manicure ideas. You as the bride can choose one style and include your bridesmaids by giving them another nail style.

3 Chic Bridal Nail Ideas

The Fresher French Mani

If you like the traditional wedding style nail of the french manicure this is right up your alley. You can do something a bit different by swapping the white tips for a silver, gold, or wedding color tip instead.


New Richer Red Mani

Red is always a great accent color for your bridal nails. Red and weddings go hand-in-hand because it’s reminiscent of love. Instead of going for the traditional color, go softer with pink or deeper with plum or colors in the violet family. Keep it simple and opt for true colors instead of shimmering polishes.


Classic Glitzy Nail Art

This playful bridal nail is a great way to incorporate a but of glitz and glamour. Think of a reversed French manicure. Have your nails painted with a baby, opaque, ballet slipper, soft pink or nude. Add a half moon design (base of nail, near cuticle) with rhinestones/crystals for a little bling.


Now those are some nails that are sure to get compliments. The great thing about each of these nail designs is that you can do them right at home or even you and your bridal party the night before the wedding to work out the jitters.

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