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Have you ever heard the saying, “what is old is new again?” Well for fashion, that aphorism is alive and well. For the past couple of years, runways have been filled with '70s, '80s and '90s styles that mothers of young teens and adults know well.

Bell Bottoms

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Young women everywhere are trading in their skinny jeans for loose-legged flares. Although they are new to teens, many moms out there have fond memories of rocking bigger, and more daring, flares. This brings a new meaning to mom jeans.


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In order to prevent their flares from dragging on the floor, you need some platforms. Teens are not as daring as they think when they put these on; their moms wore them while dancing to funky beats in the '70's.


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As teens and early 20-somethings are wearing plaid button-ups for every occasion, moms have been there and done that. Before their children were born, stylish moms were wearing oversized plaid button-ups while moshing around the early '90s grunge scene.

Crop Tops

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Baring the belly has been nothing new. A teen staple on and off since the 1940's, moms will remember wearing them in the '80s after seeing their idol Madonna rock a mesh variation in "Lucky Star."

Midi Skirt

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Teens, think that calf-length skirt you pair with your crop top is something new and modern? Nope, the midi skirt is a concoction from the 1970's and was made as an alternative to the ultra-short miniskirts worn at that time. Moms will remember that they were not well received and were considered a fashion faux pas.

So, when you’re out shopping with your teen and she “discovers” that cool crop top or plaid shirt, you can school her on how and when that style really hit the runways. 

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