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14-spain-surpising-lossLooks like the 2014 World Cup will have a new champion.

Thanks, Chile, for giving us a fighting chance. Spain's crown as the reigning World Cup champions was snatched away from them after their 0-2 loss in last night's game against Chile. Spain, what happened?

The world was shocked after Spain's loss to the Netherlands with a 1-5 full-time in their opening game a few days ago, but it was not expected for them to lose yet again. It all started in the 19th minute when Chile player Eduardo Vargas shot past the Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas. The second goal was scored right before halftime, and brought Spain by surprise. Casillas blocked a kick but was not fast enough for Chile's Charles Aranguiz who kicked the ball right back into the goal.

GIFs, explain please.




Some say that this is common for World Cup champions, a "curse" if you will. For the past few decades, not one World Cup champion has been able to reclaim their prize the following year. The best part? Spain played the Netherlands for the title in the last World Cup and won, but the Netherlands came back ready to reclaim their (hopeful) prize.

Let's be honest, we're just excited that U.S.A's soccer future is looking a bit brighter. Maybe this year will be ours?

Photo Credit: Twitter
GIF Credit: Twitpic, GIFGoldMine.com

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