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Home Valentine's Day Spending Valentine's Day At Home?

Spending Valentine's Day At Home?

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Not really feeling up to going out on Valentine's Day this year? Would you rather avoid restaurants at capacity, sold out movie theaters and a crowded...everywhere? Celebrate from the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to plan a night to remember with your special someone or just a good time with close friends, check out these tips on how to make this homebody Valentine's Day amazing.



Living Room Floor Edition

  • For a carefree day of fun with a partner or close friends, throw a little slumber party. Make a nest of blankets, comforters, pillows, air mattresses, and whatever else you can think of. Channel your inner child and make a fort to crawl into and spend your evening. Celebrate the day by being silly and just letting go of the everyday routine.
  • Have a big bowl of popcorn at the ready while you enjoy chatting, cuddling and catching up on your favorite TV shows or movies you never got the chance to see! 

Making Dinner


Exploring New Flavors

  • Valentine's Day can be an excuse to really spice things up in the kitchen. Expand your cooking horizons past the usual rotation of dishes you have catalogued away. Plan ahead with whoever you will be spending V-Day with and dive into new recipes with ingredients you have never sampled before.
  • Make a day of it! Write out the list and explore the grocery store, or even specialty shops, for interesting things you need for dinner or things you want to improvise with. When the cooking begins, bring out a nice bottle of wine and enjoy each other's company while creating something exciting. Sample as you go, engage in conversation, and serve up a delicious new tradition.

Game Night


The Ultimate Competition

  • If you happen to be a board game, card game, or video game fanatic, build up a Valentine's evening that is all about testing your wit and skill. (Be sure your competitor, or competitors, are all good spirits! You definitely do not want to end the evening early on account of a mopey sore loser.)
  • Play a combination of classic and new games to keep everyone at a level playing field. Share your favorites with each other and perhaps set up a champion prize for the end of the evening. With friends, have everyone pitch in wine and snacks for the occasion! If it is more of a romantic evening, place a fun wager between the two of you to make the competition exciting.

Camping Out


Backyard Star Gazing

  • Go on a little adventure this Valentine's Day by camping out in your own backyard! This way you can have all the comforts of home while enjoying the fresh air. Get a fire pit going and heat up some campfire fajitas and s'mores for a tasty feast and then relax with some passion fruit hibiscus tea.
  • For a romantic touch, or even for a curious astronomer, bundle up and enjoy the view of the night sky. Keep an eye out for your signs and other constellations! Throw in a telescope for the ultimate star gazing experience.

Movie Marathon


Sharing Your Favorites

  • This is a night for extreme movie junkies! Getting together and watching a movie is very different than planning out an epic marathon. Do you want to cater to the Valentine's Day theme and create a schedule of romantic films? Or would you and your significant other (or friends) prefer a 10-hour block of horror/action/comedies? Getting the correct vibe of the audience is essential when creating your schedule!
  • Enjoy the marathon with a plentiful supply of wine, cheese and chocolates. Perhaps even end the night with a silly drinking game for a movie everyone loves. It will be very difficult to not have a good time when your day is full of terrific cinematic adventures!

Spa Night


For Much-Needed Relaxation

  • Has life been a little too hectic to share a completely relaxing day with just you and your significant other? Take a break from the emails, send the kids off to grandma's, and relieve your mind of all day-to-day stresses for the perfect spa night at home!
  • Treat yourselves to comfy robes. Keep a platter of fresh fruit nearby. Light aromatherapy candles to let the tension melt away. Slow down.
  • Give each other massages while focusing on the upper back, neck and shoulders, as this is where most of us hold tension and anxiety. Relax in a steamy bath with lightly scented bubbles. Enjoy each other's company with a nice glass of wine. Most importantly, cut yourself off from technology for just one day. There is nothing more distracting than a cell phone lighting up and taking you away from your day of relaxation.

Spending Valentine's Day at home could end up being much more relaxing, fun, and even memorable than stressing over reservations. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh and create a new tradition!


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