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1-spice-up-the-brushing-routineHow to get the kids interested in brushing their teeth.

Sometimes I dread when it’s time to ask the kids to brush their teeth before bed. I have the hardest time getting the kids to brush properly, and wish they would enjoy having clean teeth at the end of the day. I don't want to force them to like it, but a part of me wishes there was a way I could make the kids enjoy it. So, how could I spice up their brushing routine?

14-ToothbrushI realized in order to make this experience more pleasant, I would need to find a whole new system. New toothpaste just wasn’t going to cut it this time. I needed to find something completely new for the kids to change their perspective. While browsing through the pharmacy, I came across the new Philips Sonicare for Kids, a rechargeable electric toothbrush that is now available for kids, ages four and up. I never understood the benefits of an electronic toothbrush versus a manual one, but after seeing a few of the features that Sonicare offers, you can call me a convert to the electronic toothbrush world.

Spice Up the Routine with Sonicare

If you don’t yet believe me, here are a few reasons why Sonicare has helped make the brushing routine in our home an easier time.

  • Customizable stickers: How do you get kids to love their new toothbrush? Stickers! Sonicare comes with a set of fun stickers for boys and girls to make their toothbrush one of a kind!
  • KidTimer: Instead of timing the kids for the recommended two-minute brush time, Sonicare counts out the time for you! The KidTimer will make noise for a full two minutes, making that brushing time fun.
  • KidPacer: The sounds played during the brush are actually timed for specific brushing techniques. The sounds encourage kids to brush the front and back parts of their upper and lower teeth, basically the areas that can easily be forgotten about.
  • Stabilized hand piece: Cleaning up toothpaste mess is not my favorite activity, so Sonicare solves that problem by creating a stabilized hand piece that is easy for kids to use when applying toothpaste to the brush when placed on the counter.

Since adding the new Philips Sonicare for Kids in our household, I no longer have to ask the kids to brush their teeth. They’re always asking me!

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