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When the Halloween season rolls around, it’s tradition to break out the box of decorations from the attic, carve a few pumpkins and get to work on designing an epic costume. For most, the Halloween spirit encompasses nearly every part of the house, and this year, you can make sure it reaches the kitchen too.

Serving up some savory and spooky recipes this Halloween is a guaranteed way to make your kids forget about their trick or treating haul for at least five minutes while they chow down. Plus, spooky themed snacks are perfect to bring to a classroom or neighborhood Halloween bash.

If you’re lacking inspiration as to what haunted treats to whip up, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here are three delicious, spooky and fun recipes for Halloween.

We promise- the only scary thing about them is how fast they’ll be eaten.

16798-spooky-fun-food-for-halloween-mummy-smallMummy Puffs

Pizza is always a crowd pleaser, so these adorable  Mummy Pizza Puffs are sure to delight even the pickiest of eaters.

Plus they’re super customizable, instead of pepperoni you can add any of your other favorite pizza toppings. 


16798-spooky-fun-food-for-halloween-casseroll-small-picBaked Eyeball Casserole 

At first sight, this Baked Eyeball Casserole might make anyone a little squeamish, but after the first bite they’ll have their eyes set on another helping (or two!)

This recipe is perfect to serve on Halloween night when you want your kids eating something besides candy. 

16798-spooky-fun-food-for-halloween-fingers-small-picBloody Fingers

This recipe is definitely the easiest to whip up out of the three but also might be the spookiest.

Make sure to serve your Bloody Fingers with extra blood (tomato sauce) to dip them in.

For more recipe check out the WF Halloween Pinterest page.



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