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Spooky Halloween Treats

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Spooky Halloween TreatsDo-It-Yourself Halloween Treat Ideas

Getting into the spirit of Halloween isn't just dressing up in scary costumes and trick or treating.  If the truth be told aside from trick or treating in costumes there are other traditional ways to celebrate Halloween.  Just imagine the family fun awaiting a weekend or two before Halloween specifically for spooky do-it-yourself Halloween treats and projects.  Plus the Halloween budget can be rewarded with big savings when a little imagination is applied.   So here is a couple of creative DIY Halloween treat ideas the whole family can create.

Fun and Easy Spooky Halloween Treats to Make at Home

Take for example the history of Halloween and how pagan worshippers would use the entire month of October to prepare for Hallows eve.  Much of their preparations consisted of do-it-yourself Halloween projects such as decorating scary masks, their homes and even creating spooky Halloween treats from their harvest.  Therefore and in keeping true to the Halloween tradition setting up a few projects for kids and moms to make spooky Halloween treats together would be a perfect way to celebrate Halloween in its traditional sense.

Bag o' Treats is an old time family favorite Halloween project.  Bag o' Treats is the easiest family Halloween project that moms and kids can enjoy a weekend creating.  You need an ample supply of small brown or white paper bags.   Next using multicolor construction paper let the kids trace and cut out Halloween shapes.  Little ghost, black cats, bats and pumpkins are the most popular Halloween shapes to start with and are easy to cut out.

Once the kids cut out the Halloween shapes they can begin gluing them on the bags.   The kids can also color in the shapes using color crayons or markers.   Punch one hole on each side of the bag opening with a whole puncher and tie on matching color sting to form a handle.   Finally to finish up the bags have the kids line the inside of the paper bag with orange and black tissue paper.

While the kids are creating spooky Halloween bags you can whip up a hearty helping of homemade Halloween trail mix for filling the bags.  Naturally you'll need the typical trail mix ingredients such as; Chex cereal, plain pretzels in different shapes, cheese-it's and other fun trail mix ingredients.  Place the trail mix on a large cookie sheet evenly and sprinkle with a little sea salt and lime. Then bake for about 5-10 minutes to seal in the lightly salted flavor.

The next easy Halloween project for kids is creating creepy crawly egg carton spiders.  Simply save up all those empty egg cartons.  Also make sure to have handy a little black and red paint and black wired felt for the hairy spider legs.  Don't for get the bag of crazy eyes and some glue to complete the projects supplies.

Cut out each egg slot from the empty carton to form a top and bottom.  Paint both halves outside black and the inside red and let dry.   Once the two halves are dry use the black wired felt make tiny holes lining the open end of both halves.  This will hinge the two halves and serve as the spider legs.   Finally glue on the eyes.   Now you've created spooky spiders to hold Halloween treats.   You can fill the spiders with homemade candy and candy corn spooky Halloween fun.

There are loads of other spooky Halloween treat ideas just like these all over the net.  Simply go online and pick out a few more Halloween projects and treats the entire family can use to bring out the Halloween holiday together.

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